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Best Time to Visit Goa

Goa is an all-season destination. There is sun, sand, and the sea, around the year. You will get all the sun you need for your tan or the shade if you want to sit below one of the palm trees and catch the nature all around you.

Beach recliners line up the water line for you to sit and relax, and maybe get a massage. Pina Coladas and Cosmopolitans or a beer is available anytime you want. The nightclubs are open throughout the year as well.

Each season in Goa has its own charm. There are three main seasons in Goa, which is one of the smallest Indian states. They are,

  • The summer
  • Monsoon or the rainy season
  • The winter

The best time to visit Goa is the winter for most people. This is between the middle of November to the middle of February, when the weather isn’t as hot.

Season Months Temperature Activities
Summer March-Early June 24°-36°C Water sports, sightseeing, shopping, lazing.
Monsoon June-September 32°-34°C Enjoy the rain, lush vegetation, Dudhsagar waterfalls, spice plantation, and white water rafting.
Winter November-February 20°-22°C Water sports, swimming, and endless partying. It’s also the best time to explore the many beaches of Goa.

Goa in the Summer

The summer here is between the months of March and early June. The temperature is usually between 24° and 36°, but some days can be even hotter. The sun shines for about 12-13 hours in a day. Add to that the humidity and it can be very difficult for people who are coming from colder climates.

On some days, though, there is rain in the late afternoon and evenings. It becomes very pleasant then with a nice and cool breeze coming in from the sea. But the humidity can be even higher in the evening if it doesn’t rain.

It is Cheaper in the Summer

This is the off-season in Goa, so the hotels and villas for rent are cheaper. You will get some of the best deals this time of the year. In fact, everything is cheaper during the summer months, including the food, drinks, and travel costs. However, many of the beach shacks will be closed, as there are fewer tourists.

You may want to visit Goa during the summer if you want to avoid the crowds. Just make sure you spend minimum time directly under the sun in the peak hours. Get a nice spot under the shady palm trees. The evenings are as good as any other time of the year.

The Sea & Beach

The sea can be choppy on many days in the summer, particularly on the days when it rains or the weather turns stormy. The waves are higher too, but you can still take a bath. Most major beaches in Goa have lifeguards. There are red and green flags as well that tell you whether it is safe to swim. The green flag tells you it is safe.

The sea water temperature is around 30°, which is nice. So you can go for a swim. But there is little snorkeling here, as the water isn’t as clear as Thailand.

Also, be careful of ultraviolet radiation. Apply sunscreen. It is best to go for a swim or water sports early in the day. Don’t do it later than 11 in the morning. You can again go to the water after 4 o’clock in the afternoon.

What to do in the summer – Water sports, sightseeing, shopping, lazing.

What you should bring – The summer essentials like your hat, sunglass, cotton shirts, shorts, and the sunscreen.

Prices – Low rates for flights, hotels, and villas.

Room Price in Goa in the Summer
5-Star Property
Between 5,800 and 7,000 INR
3-Star Boutique
Between 3,600 and 5,000 INR

The price is for a standard room for 2 people for 1 night.

You can get a discount by booking at least 3 months in advance.

Summer Festivals in Goa

Festival Details
Good Friday and Easter The dates differ every year. The only Christian majority state in India, the locals observe a day of fasting and abstinence. The 40 days of lent comes to an end with a lot of festivities. There is dancing and singing. There are games, such as “breaking the coconut”. Many go for tiaras, which is the Goan Theater.
Food and Cultural Festival This is held at many beaches over five days in April. The actual dates vary as the organizers want to have it during the weekend. Restaurants, hotels, high-profile chefs and even homemakers exhibit their food ideas. It’s a culinary extravaganza where you can try the Goan delicacies – pasta, Goan fish ‘n’ chips, barbecues, and the famous Portuguese Vindaloo.
Beach Bonanza and Youth Fleet The beaches of Calangute and Colva are full of dancing, live music and entrainment from the middle of April. The festival is held on two consecutive Sundays of the month.
Cashew and Coconut Fest Held throughout May in Panaji, here you can find rare concoctions and cashew-based cuisines. Try poi filled with meat, cashew fenny, seafood, and Goan curries. There are interesting activities, such as coconut breaking, and cashew stomping.

Goa in the Monsoon

The rain will start in early June, but by the middle of the month, it is pouring almost every day, and sometimes, for several hours in a day. By July, you are in the middle of the monsoon season, with the sky full of gray clouds. The rainy season will last till September, turning the entire region into a tropical paradise. It is lush with trees, flowers, fruits, and paddy fields.

Of course, just because it is the monsoon, doesn’t mean that you won’t get your sun and beach time. Sometimes it can rain for several hours, but then it will all clear up to give you a nice sunny day, when it isn’t as hot.

The humidity can be even higher in the monsoon because of all the clouds and rain. The daytime temperature is between 32° and 34°C. But in the night, it can fall to 22°-24°C.

What Is It Like in Goa During the Monsoon?

As you get into Goa, you will see people using their fishing rods, hoping for a good catch in the Mandovi River, which is full. Everything is wet, fresh, and clean. The creeks that were cracked and dry are now fast flowing rivers.

The lush greenery with villas and Portuguese style tiled homes in orange, yellow, purple, and red makes it look great. Go to the top of a hillock and catch the amazing view of the greenery and river. It can be very meditative.

In the evening, old people sitting and chatting over cutting chai (tea), or beer.

Head to south Goa and you can see peacocks this time of the year and fireflies once the sun has gone down. And in the north, drive to the quaint small island of Divar. The Dudhsagar and Mangeli waterfalls are at their best in the monsoon. The wildlife sanctuaries away from the beaches are even more beautiful. There is a spice plantation too you can visit. Ride an elephant there in the rain. It is so much more fun.

The Sea & Beach

The sea is even choppier in the monsoon. So don’t venture deep into the sea on a boat ride. In fact, there is little few water sports action now, such as speedboats, banana boats, or parasailing. The beach is deserted and clean. But many of the shacks will be closed, like the summer months. The workers simply go away to work in the farms.

The south-west monsoon delivers a lot of rain, so swimming can be risky too. Once again, look at the flags on the beach. Speak to the lifeguards to make sure that it is safe.

Goa tourism organizes cruises on the Mandovi River. It is even more romantic in the monsoon. But the cruise can be canceled if it rains too much.

What to do in the monsoon – Enjoy the rain, lush vegetation, Dudhsagar waterfalls, spice plantation, and white water rafting.

What you should bring – Boots/shoes, hat, an umbrella, and jacket.

Prices – The prices are still low, even though Goa is becoming popular in the monsoon.

Room Price in Goa in the Monsoon
5-Star Property
Between 5,800 and 8,000 INR
3-Star Boutique
Between 4,600 and 6,000 INR

The price is for a standard room for 2 people for 1 night.

You can get a discount by booking at least 3 months in advance.

Monsoon Festivals in Goa

Festival Details
The Dancing Monsoon Fiesta Also referred to as the “Sao Joao”, this is held on June 24. There are parades with young people wearing leaves, features, and a crown, and carrying bottles of fenny (local Goanese drink). There are performances of folk dances. Men jump into wells to extract bottles of fenny. There are pool parties as well.
Feast of St. Anthony The statue of St. Anthony is lowered to a well with the hope that this will ensure a good monsoon. Much of rural India is still dependant on rains for a good harvest. The lowering and feast is held on June 13.

Goa in the Winter

The winter is the best time to visit Goa for most people. This is between early November and late February, with December and January being the most pleasant. The average daytime temperature is between 20° and 22°C. The temperature can go down to 18°C in the night. In December, the temperature can go down to 15°-16°C on some days.

Winters are not harsh as Goa sits on the coast of the Arabian Sea. There is very little rain, if any. The sea is calm. The humidity has gone down too.

What Is It Like in Goa During the Winter?

The temporary structures and shacks on the beach are almost all up by the middle of November. The popular flea markets, like the one at Anjuna, and the night market at Arpora are also open. By December, there is definite festivity in the air, as the big holiday season is approaching. Most of the residents in Goa are Christians, unlike the rest of the country, so Christmas and the New Year are celebrated widely. There are both public and private parties almost everywhere.

There will be many more people during the winter, as Goa is one of the most popular vacation destinations for Indians in this season. It becomes even more crowded in the weekend, as thousands will drive up or take the train from Mumbai (Bombay). There are tourists from other parts of the country as well. There are a lot of tourists from other countries too.

The Sea & Beach

Sure enough, you will find a lot more tourists in the winter, but the beaches are still clean. It’s the main attraction, so Goa Tourism makes it a point to keep them clean. You will still manage to find a cozy corner if you prefer some solitude. Just make sure to get away from the most popular beaches like Calangute, Candolim, Baga, and Anjuna. They are all in North Goa. The South Goa beaches are generally less crowded. Don’t worry, as there are plenty of beaches to choose from.

There is little wind and almost zero rainfall, so the water is good for swimming. There are lifeguards everywhere.

What to do in the winter – Water sports, swimming, and endless partying. It’s also the best time to explore the many beaches of Goa.

What you should bring – Light clothing, and your swimming gear.

Prices – Almost everything will cost more in the winter season.

Room Price in Goa in the Winter
5-Star Property
Between 6,800 and 8,300 INR
3-Star Boutique
Between 6,200 and 7,500 INR

The price is for a standard room for 2 people for 1 night.

You can get a discount by booking at least 3 months in advance.

Winter Festivals in Goa

Festival Details
Sunburn Festival The Sunburn is held for three days, between December 27 and 29 at the Calangute beach. It’s a great event for music and EDM lovers. In fact, Sunburn is the largest electronic music fest in Asia. There are a lot of music events, entertainment, dancing, and food.
Supersonic Festival The VH1 Supersonic has emerged as a competitor of the Sunburn. It is held between December 27 and 30 every year at Candolim beach, which is next to Calangute. You will find some of the wildest beach parties here. There are both Indian and international performers showing off their talents. The electronic beats are sure to make you dance.
Christmas The locals love their Christmas celebrations. There are mass prayers at the many churches in the state, which is followed by Christmas parties.
New Year Parties Goa welcomes the New Year in style. You will love the beach parties, and fireworks. Most of the shacks will organize parties, and they will go on till late into the night. Trance music on the white sand and under the clear sky will keep you moving.
Winter Carnival The carnival is held over four days between February 25 and 28. The streets come alive with graceful dancers, floats, parades, and people playing the guitar and other instruments. To some extent, this is like the carnival at Rio, with a touch of Portuguese culture. The Portuguese had ruled Goa for 400 years before it became a part of India. The celebrations end with the red-and-black dance at the Club National in Panjim.
Grape Escapade This is the biggest wine festival in India. Wine connoisseurs from around the world come to Goa to savor the best grape flavors from around the world, including India. You can try decade old wines. There are dance performances, live music, and fashion shows. The Grape Escapade is held between February 23 and 26.

Thousands of tourists visit Goa in every season, making it one of the most popular vacation destinations in Asia. Each season has its own attractions, but for most people, the winter is the best time to visit Goa, which is between November and February.

Best Villas

The most popular Goa luxury villas are hot items, especially for those planning longer stays for their holiday in Goa. Villas are the best option for families and large groups, or simply for gatherings and small pool parties. With tailor made possibilities, from barbecues to romantic candlelit dinners, villas provide the definite answer. Here's our list of the best villas in Goa for your holiday vacation.

Beach 4-bedroom villa with its own private pool. Direct access to the Calangute beach (50 meters).

17 000 - 25 000 Rs. per night

Fascinating European style villa Ostra Bella is intended for ultimate beach experience. Suitable for 3-6 people.

17 000 - 25 000 Rs. per night

Comfortable private villa class «Luxury» with direct access to the beach. Choice for families who value privacy and 5* star service.

From 40 000 Rs. per night

* Price depends on arrival dates and duration of stay.

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