Goa in April

The Guide for Visiting Goa in April

April is officially the summer season in India and Goa. So the temperature will be high. The humidity will be high too. But it’s still good to visit Goa this month, just make sure that you avoid direct sunlight exposure when the sun is at its hottest. The average highs are about the same as March, but the average low temperature is higher, so April is generally a hotter month. The average daytime temperature in April is 33°C and the average nighttime temperature is 26°C. The last week of April is generally the hottest. But on some days there is rain, which brings down the temperature.

There will be fewer tourists in Goa this time of the year as it is not the peak season. The exam season too is not over yet. Everything will be cheaper, so you can save a lot of money. The beaches and streets will be cleaner too.

Goa is 365 days of fun. There are many attractions and lots of things to do no matter which time of the year you visit. April is certainly not an exception. The tourist attractions – forests and wildlife sanctuaries, churches, museums, UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the forts will all be open, in spite of the fewer number of tourists. The permanent restaurants and shacks will also be open. Water sport is on too.

April Gallery

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Quick Overview

Infographic: Goa in April

Weather 12 hours of sunshine daily. In the middle of the hot Indian summer, but the mornings and evenings are still pleasant. Intermittent showers. The probability of rain increases as the month progresses. The humidity also goes up. Make sure to stay in an A/C room, and use sunscreen – you should be alright. Wear light clothing to beat the humidity. Drink plenty of fluids.
Beach Empty and clean beaches, even the most popular ones. Very few tourists. The top beach shacks, and nightclubs will still be open. However, there will be fewer street vendors.
Sea Generally calm sea, but some days can be choppy. Mild water with long hours of sunshine and almost no rain. Enjoy swimming, snorkeling, and scuba diving.
Parties This is not the peak party season. But the big nightclubs are still open thrilling all those who are going there. On some nights there are rain dances to beat the heat. Many nightclubs also have a special Easter Weekend Party.
Water sports Enjoy diving, snorkeling, sailing, kayaking, cruising, and speed boat rides. There are dolphin and crocodile watching tours too. The water is safe as there is very little rain.
Shacks The big shacks, Martin's Corner, Britto’s, and the Fisherman's Wharf are open round the year. Most of the open shacks are in North Goa.
Festivals Goa Food and Cultural festival, Lairai Zatra, Grape Escapade, Easter, Konkan Fruit Fest, Speedo Goa Swimathon, and the India Bike week.
Prices The airfares will be significantly lower. Accommodation and car/bike rentals will cost less too.

Weather in April

The weather in April is much like March. There is little difference in the average temperature between March and April, so it doesn’t matter which month you visit, if that is you are worried about the heat. The average lows are slightly higher, though. In the daytime, the average temperature is around 33°C, but it comes down to about 26°C after dark. The temperature is usually the highest in the last week of the month.

Avg weather in April
12 Hrs per day
12 mm per month
68 % avg
6 Mph avg

There is a slight increase in rainfall in April. Goa receives 12mm rain this month on just 1 day. There is 1% probability of rain at the start of the month, which goes up to 5% by the end of April. When it rains, it can either be a thunderstorm (39% chance) moderate rain (23% chance), or a drizzle (17%).

Climate in Goa
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Average high, °C 31,6 31,5 32,0 33,0 33,0 30,3 28,9 28,8 29,5 31,6 32,8 32,4 31,3
Average low, °C 19,6 20,5 23,2 25,6 26,3 24,7 24,1 24,0 23,8 23,8 22,3 20,6 23,2
Average precipitation mm 0,2 0,1 1,2 11,8 112,7 868,2 994,8 512,7 251,9 124,8 30,9 16,7 2926

In an average year, Goa receives 12 hours of sunshine in April, which is 1 hour more than March. The average sea temperature is 29°C, which too is 1°C more than the last month. With a warm sea temperature and many hours of sunlight every day, you can spend a lot of time on the beach or the water. Just make sure to stay away between 11 in the morning and 3 in the afternoon.

The cloud coverage too goes up as the month progresses. It is 14% in the beginning of April, which increases to 24% by April 21st. By the end of the month, the cloud coverage in an average year is about 30%. The last week is usually the cloudiest. There is 35% chance that the sky can be overcast. The humidity on Goa in April ranges between 42%, which is comfortable and 88%.

Pros and Cons of Visiting Goa in April

Pros Cons

Cheaper – There are fewer Indian and international tourists in Goa in April. There is thus a steep reduction in prices of almost everything – accommodation, restaurants, bars, water sports, and car/bike rentals. Even flight tickets cost less. Prices often go down by 30%, and sometimes even more. You will be able to save a lot of money this month.

Weather – April is one of the hottest months in Goa. Both the average daytime and night time temperatures are high. The humidity is also on the higher side. The afternoons can be particularly high, so try to stay away from direct sunlight exposure. It may also rain sometimes. Make sure that you use a sunblock lotion when you are swimming or spending time on the beach.

Beach & Sea – The beaches will be empty and cleaner as there are fewer tourists. You don’t have to jostle for a sundeck. There are no kids shouting and breaking the silence. There is little rain so the water is safe for swimming. The Arabian Sea will also be much cleaner in April.

Water Sports – Many of the water sports operators shut down in late March, only to open again in September after the monsoon. You can still ride the speed boat, banana boat, do parasailing, kayaking, and go on dolphin watching and sunset cruises. But the number of operators will be less.

Easy Bookings – You don’t have to worry about the availability of flight tickets. Similarly, most of the villas are available too in April. So you can plan a quick Goa getaway. For December, on the other hand, you will have to plan and book months in advance.

Beach Shacks – Many of the beach shacks will also be closed. Only the permanent structures are likely to stay open this month in the busier beaches – Baga, Candolim, and Calangute. Fewer beach shacks are likely to be open this time of the year in South Goa.

No Traffic – There is no better time to ride or drive on the roads of Goa. In peak season (between November and February), there is heavy traffic near Panaji, Calangute and Baga. You will have the roads to yourself and will love those long rides in April.

Limited Hours – On most days, it will be hot between 11 in the morning and 3 in the afternoon. It is difficult to stay on the beach or the sea at this time. Sightseeing might be uncomfortable as well. Try to make the best of the mornings and evenings.

Top 4 Reasons for Visiting Goa in April

  1. Festivals – There are plenty of events and festivals to celebrate this month, like the Easter, the grape and fruit festival, an event for the avid bikers, a swimathon, and a food and cultural festival too, which you are sure to love. They will give you a unique insight into the Goanese culture and way of life.
  2. Privacy – Baga, Candolim, Calangute, and the other popular beaches are all packed in the peak season. You will have to jostle for a beach recliner. In April, there are fewer people, so you will be at peace. Enjoy nature as it is meant to be enjoyed. Watch the sea, feel the breeze, see the palms swaying gently. Get a massage and enjoy your drinks as you relax. Your chilled bear will taste even better this month.
  3. Low Prices – The cost of everything shoots up between November and January. In April, you will often get the same room, food, drinks, and bikes/cars at even half the price. You will make considerable savings.
  4. Better Service – Fewer people means you will always have better service, at your hotel or villa, at restaurants, shops, and even at the nightclubs and shacks.

Top 5 Things To Do In Goa In April

  1. The Beaches – There are so many great beaches in Goa that it is impossible to see them all in one visit. So select carefully. If you want an active beach with shacks and water sports, then visit Baga, Candolim, Calangute or Colva. If you want more nature, then choose Vagator, Cavelossim or Palolem. There are other good beaches too in the North and South. Remember, each beach has its own attraction. Just stay under shade between 11 in the morning and 3 in the afternoon when it is the hottest.
  2. Wildlife – Goa is not just about the beaches and the parties. Go to the interiors and you will find plenty of beautiful hills and forests to explore that are rich with wildlife. Choose from Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary, Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary, Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary, and the Mollem National Park. It will be very green and cool in the greens. Take a dip in a waterfall and feel the freshness.
  3. A Cruise – Do a sunset cruise with dinner on the Mapusa or the Mandovi River for a lifetime experience. There are luxury yachts on the Zuari River as well. Or else, you can go on a full-day or half-day dolphin watching or bird watching cruise. In these fantastic cruises, you will see a different side of Goa.
  4. Hot Air Balloon Ride – April is a great time for this new activity in Goa because the wind is stable this month. Balloon rides can get canceled if the weather is unpredictable. No chance of that in April. Go up into the air for a bird’s eye view of the sparkling coastline and the lush green fields. Balloon rides are organized early in the morning and late in the afternoon.
  5. Yoga or a Cooking Class – There are many yoga and meditation centers close to the beaches. They will still be open in April. Join a class or workshop and you will learn how to improve your health. As a bonus, you will be able to relax and de-stress. Alternatively, you can join a cooking class. Learn to cook authentic Goanese and Konkani cuisines.

Goa April Checklist – April is in the middle of the hot season in Goa. So make sure you have airy and light clothing to stay cool. Also include your cap, sunglass, and sunscreen lotion. Always apply the lotion and wear the cap and sunglass before going to the beach. Wear light clothing in the evening too.

Goa Festivals in April

  1. Cashew Trail – This unique festival has been held since 2012 to celebrate the cashew fruit through its journey from the farm to the table. April is the harvest season and thus the timing is perfect. There is cashew fruit stomping. You can also try Goa’s unique liquor that is made from cashew – Feni and Urrak.
  2. Easter Weekend Parties – There are special parties on the Easter weekend in the restaurants and beach shacks. Enjoy the special menu and lots of entertainment in the Easter Bash.
  3. Konkan Fruit Fest – The Botanical Society of Goa organizes this fruit festival every year between April 21st and 23 rd. There are fruit eating and carving competitions. You can taste many fruits, including many rare ones. The festival is open between 10 in the morning and 8 in the night on these 3 days.
  4. The FabLabShow – This is the first “Science Theater” in India at Goa in April. In this 90 minutes show, you will see science in action and its practical applications at the live science stage. There is a lot of thinking, design, and creativity that goes into the show. Science is blended with everyday life through videos, presentations, innovative exhibits, structures, and graphic explanations. It’s a must see for those interested in science and students.

April Gallery

Hotels in Goa in April

Grand Hyatt Goa

Grand Hyatt Goa

Very few tourists compared to the peak winter season, so all the hotels, resorts, and home stays have plenty of accommodation available. They are all open around the year, except a few home stays, so you will get the full service. The prices will be much cheaper because of the lower demand. You can even find a room on arrival, but it’s still best to book in advance, because the best rooms will be taken first. Sometimes there are special deals like a free night for booking 3 nights at a hotel or resort. Check for such deals online. You may be able to negotiate a discount on arrival as well.

Rent a Villa in Goa

The villas in Goa are available at a discount too in April because of the lower demand this month. So you can stay at the best villas at prices much below the peak season. Often, the price this month will be 20% to 30% less depending on the location of the villa and the duration of your stay.

We have hundreds of villas throughout Goa you can choose from. Many of them are beachfront or waterfront properties, while others are located in a nice and green neighborhood. Some of the Goa villas are just a few minutes’ walk away from the beach. Typically, beach front villas will cost more. The villas offer all the luxuries and amenities, comparable with star properties in Goa.

April is a hot month, so choose a villa with a private swimming pool where you can take a dip and relax during the daytime when the temperature goes up. Find a villa with trees and manicured lawns for the evenings. Sit with your group, enjoy some seafood, drinks, perhaps a barbecue, and let the sea breeze coming through the trees cool things up.

Villas for rent in April:

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* Price depends on arrival dates and duration of stay.

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