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Cavelossim Villas: Villas for rent in Cavelossim

Stay at the wonderful Cavelossim beach in South Goa for a most memorable vacation. Rent a villa for the short-term or long-term. Choose from the many amazing luxury apartments and villas here. Many of these properties are on the beach, or just a few minutes’ walk away. Cavelossim is an upscale neighborhood, offering a well-developed infrastructure. The beach is clean and safe.

Cavelossim in South Goa is unlike most other beaches you will find. In most beaches, there is far too much construction with hotels, shops, department stores and restaurants. Cavelossim in contrast, has a rural setting. Swaying palm trees, coconut groves, paddy fields, and the winding Sal River makes this a unique and beautiful place. The contrasting black lava rocks and the white sand make it look more stunning.

The villas you will find in Cavelossim are all individually furnished and offer the highest standards of luxuries for the most demanding guests. Swimming pools, sun decks, manicured gardens, barbecue, sea-view terraces, large spacious rooms, free Wi-Fi, air conditioning, plasma television, chef and maid services, complete privacy, and more.

The Best Villas in Cavelossim, Goa

Amasya Villa — Luxury villa for rent in Cavelossim
3 BR, Cavelossim
6 Guests: from 17,000 Rs. / Night
The luxury 3 bedroom villa with a swimming pool.
Ambient Palace — Luxury villa for rent in Cavelossim
4 BR, Cavelossim
8 Guests: from 11,865 Rs. / Night
A comfortable house with European furniture, has 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, located near the coastline (300 meters)...
Grand Boutique — Luxury villa for rent in Cavelossim
4 BR, Cavelossim
8 Guests: from 12,712 Rs. / Night
Beautiful premium villa, located on the picturesque banks of the river Sal.
Vanessa — Luxury villa for rent in Cavelossim
2 BR, Cavelossim
4 Guests: from 6,780 Rs. / Night
Comfortable 2 bedrooms luxury villa in Goa will be the perfect choice for young couples for amazing beach holidays s...
Graz Messe — Luxury villa for rent in Cavelossim
1 BR, Cavelossim
2 Guests: from 6,000 Rs. / Night
Private villa with 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom.
Zuri Limeya Sirenity — Holiday villa for rent in Cavelossim
1 BR, Cavelossim
2 Guests: from 4,662 Rs. / Night
Villa Zuri Limeya Sirenity has one bedroom and a bathroom and is ideally suitable for 2 guests.
Armando — Luxury villa for rent in Cavelossim
3 BR, Cavelossim
6 Guests: from 20,000 Rs. / Night
Villa Armando has 3 luxurious bedrooms and 3 bathrooms.
Quinta da Ria — Luxury villa for rent in Cavelossim
3 BR, Cavelossim
6 Guests: from 13,500 Rs. / Night
This is a Prestigious European 3-bedroom villa which can accommodate 4-6 people.
The Pinnacle Montana — Luxury villa for rent in Cavelossim
3 BR, Cavelossim
6 Guests: from 115,000 Rs. / Night
Single storey 3-bedroom villa, aesthetically modern with beautifully designed rooms and living area.
Little Oasis — Luxury villa for rent in Cavelossim
2 BR, Cavelossim
4 Guests: from 95,000 Rs. / Night
Elegant villa with two bedrooms and a stylish living room.
Riverview Villa — Holiday villa for rent in Cavelossim
4 BR, Cavelossim
7 Guests: from 16,102 Rs. / Night
Beautiful villa, located on the picturesque banks of the river Sal.
Adonia Palace — Holiday villa for rent in Cavelossim
2 BR, Cavelossim
4 Guests: from 4,800 Rs. / Night
Villa Adonia Palace has 2 bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms, and is therefore ideal and comfortable for 2-5 people.

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Cavelossim Gallery

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Why should rent villa in Cavelossim?

Cavelossim is not for everyone. If you are in Goa for fun, late-night parties, and entertainment, it is better to head up North to the beaches of Baga, Calangute and Candolim. Cavelossim offers you a clean white sandy beach, nature, & calm and peace, just what you need to relax. It is perfect for a slightly aged couple, families with kids, honeymooners, and those who want to enjoy a stress-free life.

The Cavelossim beach is quieter, cleaner and bigger than some of the more famous beaches of Goa. There is bird-watching, dolphin viewing, cruises on the Sal River, water sports, and shacks on the beach.

Cavelossim beach on the Map Cavelossim beach

Top 7 Reasons for Staying in Cavelossim

  1. A relaxing holiday by the beach.
  2. Few people on the beach. Quiet. Serene.
  3. Upper middle-class and upper class elite tourists. Many foreigners.
  4. Trees. Nature all around.
  5. Clean, wide beach. Clean water. Safe for swimming.
  6. High-end resorts, villas, apartments.
  7. River cruises, dolphins, bird-watching, water sports.

Holidays in Cavelossim, the Beach and Climate

Tired with your 9-5 job? Stressed with all that work-pressure? Spend a few days at Cavelossim and recharge your batteries. You will go back all charged up and ready for all those challenges. Villa rental in Cavelossim can offer you a completely relaxed and unmatched vacation experience. Take long walks on the clean beach. Sit back and relax. Let your kids play in the sand with few people around.

The villas, luxury apartments, hotels, and resorts are close. Winter is the best time to visit Cavelossim. The summer is hot. It can rain a lot during the monsoon. The humidity can also be high. Most water sports and cruises on the Sal River will also be closed.

Top 7 Sightseeing in Cavelossim

Top 3 Nightclubs in Cavelossim

There are many shacks on the beach and along the river that host parties after sundown. There is music and dancing.

Property Renting in Cavelossim

Spending a vacation in the South, at Cavelossim, is an amazing experience at a villa or luxury apartment on rent. There are many amazing villas at Cavelossim you can choose from like the Villa Vanessa, Villa Grand Boutique, The Pinnacle Montana Villa, Villa Pinewood, Mila Calista Heritage, Clarion Village, and the Villa Theresa, among others.

Not all of the villas are right on the sea. Some are just a few minutes’ walk away, while others are on the Sal River. They all offer modern luxuries and comfortable living… swimming pools with sun decks, garden, barbecue, spacious rooms with comfortable beds, air conditioning, plasma television, modular kitchens, and more. The villas and apartments are close to shops, restaurants, night clubs, beach shacks, and cafes.

Rent Price in Cavelossim

The villa rental price varies for each property depending on the location, luxuries, season, and the duration of your stay. The cost is generally higher here because Cavelossim is an upscale neighborhood.


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