Goa in May

The Guide for Visiting Goa in May

Goa in May will be very quiet – like what it used to be in the early days, before vacationers discovered the beach paradise. Clean beaches, less touristy, warm sea waters, the palm groves gently swaying to the wind, serene, leisurely, and relaxing. There will be little nightlife and very few parties. Goa will certainly be quieter and more peaceful this month. It will be hot, but the monsoon is closing down. There will be showers, particularly in the afternoon and evenings, bringing the temperature down. The average daytime high is 33°C, and the average low after dark will be 26.3°C.

Wear light clothing, drink plenty of fluids, rent a villa in Goa with a swimming pool where you can cool off, and you should be just fine. The late evenings and early mornings will be very pleasant. May being an off season, your villa and everything else is going to cost a lot less this month.

There will be very tourists in Goa in May, so you will have almost the entire beach to yourself. It will be a lot cleaner and much less noisy. Very few people swimming in the Arabian Sea, so you will have complete privacy even in the open spaces.

May is one of the hottest months in Goa. But the average daytime high is the same as April. So you will not necessarily encounter more heat this month. Still, because of the heat and this being the low season, there will be fewer Indian and international tourists in Goa. Everything will cost less as a result. Save money on the best villas in Goa.

May Gallery

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Quick Overview

Infographic: Goa in May

Weather Hot and humid, but the average temperature is about the same as April. 12 hours of sunshine every day. Pleasant mornings and late evenings. The cloud cover increases as the month progresses. The monsoon arrives in late May with showers, often daily, bringing down the temperature noticeably.
Beach Clean and empty beaches. Very few domestic and international tourists. But the number goes up once the schools close for the summer. Even then, there are fewer tourists compared to the winter months. Good for a relaxing vacation under the shade.
Sea The sea is much cleaner this month. The water is still warm and nice. Safe for swimming, diving, snorkeling, and water sports. It can turn choppy on days when it rains.
Parties Only the biggest night clubs are open. Very few evening beach parties. Most parties usually in the weekends with people visiting from Mumbai, Bangalore, and other places.
Water sports Fewer operators than the winter, but you can still choose from speed boat and banana boat rides, jet ski, parasailing, water scooters, and river cruises.
Shacks Most beach shacks in Goa are temporary structures that are open between November and February. The permanent structures are open in May. Sunshades and recliners available. The shacks in May usually take the last order at 11 PM.
Festivals Goa Heritage Festival, Shirgao Jatra, Goa Cashew and Coconut Fest, Holy Spirit Feast, Food and Cultural Festival.
Prices Super cheap. Food, drinks, sightseeing, car and bike rentals, and villas are available at discounted prices.

Weather in May

May is generally a hotter month than April. The average temperature will go up. At the beginning of the month, the average daytime high is around 33°C, but by the end of the month, this will usually go up to 33.5°C. The night time average also increases from 26°C to 26.5°C.

Avg weather in May
12 Hrs per day
113 mm per month
73 % avg
7 Mph avg

The weather in May is a lot wetter than April. There is a fair bit of rain, particularly in end May as it is close to the monsoon season. In an average year, Goa will receive 113mm of rainfall this month on 4 days. Compared to this, in April, it rains on just 1 day. There is 5% chance of precipitation in early May, but by May end, this goes up to 38%.

Climate in Goa
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Average high, °C 31,6 31,5 32,0 33,0 33,0 30,3 28,9 28,8 29,5 31,6 32,8 32,4 31,3
Average low, °C 19,6 20,5 23,2 25,6 26,3 24,7 24,1 24,0 23,8 23,8 22,3 20,6 23,2
Average precipitation mm 0,2 0,1 1,2 11,8 112,7 868,2 994,8 512,7 251,9 124,8 30,9 16,7 2926

There is 12 hours of sunshine every day in Goa in May, which is the same as the last month. The average sea temperature is 30°C, which is 1°C higher than April. May is a great time to hit the beach and for swimming as the sea is nice and warm. But the hours between 11-3 can be unpleasant.

The cloud coverage goes up rapidly as the month progresses. It is 30% on May 1st, but increases to 57% by the last day of the month. Sky is usually the clearest in the first week. There is 65% likelihood of overcast conditions on May 31st.

The relative humidity varies between 50%, which is mildly humid and 88% (very humid). The humidity rarely goes below 37% or reaches 100%.

Pros and Cons of Visiting Goa in May

Pros Cons

Pay Less – May is one of the cheapest months in Goa. Prices come down sharply as there are far fewer tourists in May compared to the peak season (November -February). Expect to pay much less at restaurants, bars, night clubs, shops, and for your car or bike rentals. Even the villas will cost about 30% less. You can buy flight tickets for less as well. There is serious money to be saved this month.

Weather – The average daytime and night time temperatures are both higher in May. Add to that the high humidity and a higher chance of rain this month, more so at the end of the month. The heat, humidity and rain keep most people away from Goa this time of the year. But it will still be good up to 11 in the morning and after 7 in the evening. Make the most of the mornings and the evenings.

Cleaner Goa – The beach, sea and the streets will all be much cleaner in May as there are fewer tourists. You can swim in the Arabian Sea without a worry. You will also have more privacy even in the busiest beaches of North Goa where there are thousands of people in the peak season.

Beach Shacks – Most of the beach shacks will be closed in May. Only the permanent structures will be open and that too in the busy beaches. In most restaurants, they will take the last orders at 11 PM. No later. So your late night plans have to be kept on hold for another month.

No Traffic – Most tourists in Goa rent a bike or car for their travels. You will pay much less in May, so book for the entire day and save money. There is little traffic this month even in busy Panaji, Calangute and Baga so you can cover much more in a day. Drive all you want. Visit as many beaches as you can and also the interiors.

Water Sports – There is limited water sports in Goa this month. You will still find some operators offering speed boat and banana boat rides, and also the kayaking trips, but they are very few in number. In high season, you will find them almost everywhere. In May, water sports are available only at a few places.

A Quick Getaway – You can easily rent the best villas because almost everything is available in May. Plan a getaway for the next weekend, which is impossible in the peak season because everything is booked months in advance.

Tourist Attractions – You have to walk for long if you visit the forts. That keeps you exposed to the hot sun. Plan something different instead. Perhaps a trip to the forests where you are under shade, or yoga or cooking class.

Top 6 Things To Do In Goa In May

  1. Water Sports – There are limited opportunities for conventional water sports in May, such as kite surfing, parasailing, and boat rides. Snorkeling and scuba diving can be off too. But you can try other unique activities, such as kayaking, and sunset cruises on the rivers with dinner. There are half-day and full-day bird watching and dolphin watching trips as well.
  2. Goa Otter Trail – Try this unique activity in May. There are otter nests along the Ouram Creek, close to Panjim. Learn about their habitat. See them up close and take pictures. Very few people can get to see the otters from such a close distance. You can join a short otter ecology course as well.
  3. Crab Catching – This is another interesting activity, and May is a great time for this as well. In this 2-hour trip, you will learn how to catch crab using handmade traps. Chilled beer, soft drinks, and snacks are served. As an added bonus, you also get to watch a stunning sunset.
  4. The Beach – Of course, beaches are the main attraction of Goa. No visit is complete without spending time here. Pick your beach from the many options, go to the shack, get under shade, and just relax. Get all the food and drinks you can have. You can also get a massage here.
  5. Try Goan Cuisine – When in Goa, you should certainly try the famous Goan cuisine. Martin’s Corner in Betalbatim, Britto’s on Baga, Infantaria at Calangute, Curly’s on Anjuna, and Souza Lobo at Calangute are five good options. There are many other great options too.
  6. Mango Mania – May is mango season. You will find many amazing varieties of this fruit, including Mankurad the real Goan mango, and Jamuns. Plus, there is also the incredible Kokum sherbet.

Goa May Checklist – May is a hot month in Goa. Make your travel plans, but remember to take good precautions. Wear light cotton dresses, shorts and slippers to stay comfortable. Wear a cap and sunglass and apply sunscreen lotion. It will rain on some days, so carry an umbrella.

Best Goa Beaches in May

  1. Palolem Beach - Many believe Palolem to be one of Goa’s most beautiful beaches. With few tourists, the palm tree lined beach with hills in the background will look even more beautiful in May. It can be the perfect set up for a very relaxing vacation. Visit the Canacona Island and the Talpon River.
  2. Morjim Beach – This is often referred to as “Little Russia” because many Russians live here. Morjim is a beautiful beach, close to many places of interest in Goa, like the Chapora Fort, which is just across the river, and the St. Anthony’s Church. Morjim is also close to many other great beaches like Vagator, Ashwem, and Anjuna.
  3. Anjuna Beach – One of the most active beaches in May. The shacks are open in May, serving their drinks and food. Visit Curlies, a favorite. Fewer crowds this month as there are no backpackers. Walk or jog in the morning, and watch a glorious sunset in the evening.
  4. Cavelossim Beach – Serene and empty in May, this is a particularly beautiful beach. Just sit back on a lounger and relax. Umbrellas are available free. Great for long walks, running, and swimming. Cruise on the Sal River to see birds and dolphin. Visit the Betul Fort and the lighthouse. You can go on a fishing trip too.
  5. Baga BeachBaga is extremely commercialized, crowded in the peak season, and one of the most popular Goa beaches. May is the month if you want to visit one of the major beaches here. Fewer crowds and much cleaner now. Discover why it used to be a hub of the hippies once.

May Gallery

Festivals in May

Goa Food & Cultural Festival – Organized over 5 days, this has emerged as the biggest food festival in Goa. There are about 80 stalls that serve a range of beverages and cuisines. There are cooking competitions, live food demos, feni distillation, and more. There is live music from rocks bands from across India.

Heritage Zatra – An event to learn about local Goan culture, heritage, and history. The Zatra is held at the Corjuem Fort, which is 4 kilometers from the Aldona village. The fort is decorated wonderfully for the event.

Igitun Chalne – Igitun Chalne or “Walking on Fire” is held in the first week of May at the Temple of Shirgao near Bicholim. This is a part of the Shirgao Zatra, a Hindu religious festival in Goa. You will see many devotees walking on red hot willfully coal as a form of penance.

Cinephile Film Club – Every year in May, the Entertainment Society of Goa (ESG) holds special movie screenings through the Cinephile Film Club. The movies shown are all critically acclaimed and made by famous directors. There is just a onetime registration of 1,000 INR. For students it is just 500 INR. You can see all the movies after this. There is per screening fee of 100 INR as well if you don’t want to pay for all of them. The movies are usually shown every Thursday from 6:30 in the evening at the Maquinez Palace Theater in Panaji.

Enjoy the Summer Fruits in May

May is the season for yummy summer fruits in India, and also in Goa, especially mangoes. You will find the delicious Mankurad mangoes here, and also other varieties. They are everywhere – at the supermarkets, and street side stalls. You can eat the fruit raw after cutting or you can also eat the all natural mango juice. There is also Jamuns or Jambolan in May, which is a great blend of sour and sweet. It’s a great tongue teaser. Then there are Kumkum fruits too, another Goan delicacy to try this month. Many Goan residents welcome their guests by serving a glass of Kokum sherbet or juice in May.

This is the month when you get the richest variety of summer fruits in Goa, all yummy and delicious.

Hotels in Goa in May

Mayfair Goa

Mayfair Goa

May is a great time of the year for discount deals in Goa. There are very few tourists this month as it’s the peak summer season, so most of the hotel and resort rooms are available. The properties are all willing to give the rooms away cheap to attract tourists. So look for deals. However, most schools and colleges close down for the summer vacation around the middle of May, so demand may pick up in the later period of the month. The demand is more during the weekend, but even then, the prices are much lower than the winter season.

Rent a Villa in Goa

The best villas in Goa are premium properties, but in May, you can book them at much below their peak-season prices. Often, the price comes down by as much as 30% as there are fewer tourists this month. So you can easily stay at the finest property, and yet save a lot of money. Also, it will be much easier to find a villa you like in May, especially if you book at the last minute. In the peak season, you may have to book months in advance.

In May, it is likely that you will spend a lot of time indoors or beside the swimming pool because of the heat. So pick a villa that offers all the luxuries you want. Most of the villas you will find in our website come with a private swimming pool and manicured lawns where you can relax on a hot day, large air conditioned bedrooms with comfortable beds, en-suite bathrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, satellite television, DVD player, coffee machines, juicers, parking, security, and much more.

There are 3 types of villas you can choose in May – luxury villas with private pool, private houses, and luxury apartments. Most of the private houses are located in high-end complexes. Remember, there is always a higher demand for beachfront and waterfront properties, so it’s best to book as early as possible. The best rooms and villas are always booked first.

Villas for rent in May:

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