Terms for showing property

The Agency, on behalf of Owner, has rights to organize showing of the property for the Customer and from his request under follow terms and conditions:

1. Rates and payment

1.1. Minimum Charges 400US$ per Property/Villa or 1000$ for 3 Property/Villa.

1.2. Payment to Agency is made in advance before showing Property/Villa.

1.3. Payment for service is Non Refundable.

1.4. Agency has reserve rights to adjust 50% amount of Property/Villa Show Fee after Booking Confirmation of showed property with Agency special conditions.

2. Customer Obligation

2.1. Customer understand Property/Villa show around is only on special paid request and chargeable.

2.2. Customer cannot take any photo/s or video/s of Property/Villa.

2.3. Customer promise to co-operate for duration and distance of each Property/Villa.

2.4. Customer agrees to provide before show Property/Villa all information including ID proof (Passport/Driving License) for other person/s who will accompany with Customer.

2.5. Any kind of Damage/s during Property/Villa show in Property/Villa by customer or by his accompanies/s person will be sole liability to pay 100% amount then and there by customer.

2.6. Duration of confirmation for Property/Villa which showed under this agreement will be maximum 24 hours.

2.7. Any refund request will not apply in case of Customer not like Property/Villa due to any kind of reason.

2.8. Agency is only showing Property/Villa on behalf of owner of Property/Villa and Agency is not responsible for any kind of change in real Property/Villa condition and Property/Villa photo/s as Agency is showing Property/Villa on “AS IS” basis.

2.9. Maximum number of person for Property/Villa show around is limited to Three (3) Including customer.

3. Agency Obligation

3.1. Agency confirms time for Property/Villa show around with owner.

3.2. Agency authorized person will give all necessary information regarding each property.

3.3. Agency will start Property/Villa show only after 100% Advance Payment.

3.4. Agency has right to show Property/Villa to other Customer in same time.

3.5. Agency can rent same Property/Villa to any other Customer on first come first serve basis.

3.6. Agency reserves right to check Identity of each person who is willing to see Property/Villa including Customer and his accompanies/s.

3.7. Agency reserves right to refuse to show Property/Villa at any time of duration.

3.8. Agency has rights to know reason for rent Property/Villa if let duration is more than 3 weeks.

3.9. Agency has right to charge additional amount for extra time and extra properties.

3.10. Customer or any his Agent / relative / friend cannot book showed Property without written permission of Agency.

3.11. Agency showing property on behalf of owner and time or date can be change as per owner request

3.12. Agency is not responsible for any kind of modification of Property/Villa as Agency is showing Property on “AS IS” basis.

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