Beaches in South Goa

South Goa is one of the most convenient places for amazing vocations in Goa with its spacious beautiful golden and white-sand beaches surrounded by exotic palm groves. Almost all beaches in South Goa are represented by a long and thick 27 km strip of soft sand with several small bays in the very south of the region.

South Goa beaches:

  • Bogmalo, Hollant
  • Velsao, Arrosim, Cansaulim
  • Utorda, Majorda
  • Betalbatim
  • Colva — popular place
  • Benaulim
  • Varca, Fatrade, Carmona
  • Cavelossim — popular place
  • Mobor
  • Kakolem — hidden beach
  • Cola — hidden beach
  • Agonda — romantic place
  • Butterfly — hidden beach
  • Palolem — popular place
  • Rajbag

The closest to the Dabolim Airport beaches are Velsao, Arossim and Cansaulim which are also well-known for being not much crowded. These beaches have still preserved the unspoiled nature and palm groves. Generally, nearly all South Goa beaches are quite desert and are less saturated with the local culture than the beaches of North Goa. Among all beaches in South Goa the most crowed are Colva and Palolem beaches.



Colva Beach

Colva Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in South Goa which is, though, quite popular among the locals as it is located just 8 km from Margao. But if you walk about 200-300 meters from the central entrance to the beach, you will get into the less crowded but still amazing place. Generally, Colva Beach resort is called a tourist capital of the South Goa, and thus here you can easily find plenty of different hotels and villas suit every taste and budget, various restaurants and snack houses, shops and stores. Every Monday the Colva Night market welcomes its visitors offering them a huge variety of all sorts of goods.

Colva Beach is known to be the oldest and the most developed beach resorts in South Goa and a center of tourism in the area. This place is also popular among fishermen, thus you will easily find small fishermen cabins and nice villas built in colonial architectural style. Moreover, Colva Beach is not only the perfect place for swimming (the sea waves are not so much high) but is a center of night parties which are organized right on the sandy beach. This place will fit those who like to spend their days lying on the beach under the sunbeams and partying all night long.


Palolem Beach

Palolem Beach is another one amazingly beautiful beach in South Goa mostly due to picturesque hills that make this place attractive and cosy. Even though the beach is located far away from Dabolim Airport, it is still very popular among tourists: exotic nature, clean white sand, palm groves, picturesque bay and a small green island near the coast. There are no huge hotels and buildings next to the beach, only small cozy bungalows located close to sea shore surrounded by palm trees.

Palolem Beach has a small 2 km length beach line which is the key secret of why this beach is not much crowded. The sea waters are very warm and tender, so swimming here will bring you much pleasure and joy. You can even watch dolphins playing near the shore front which gives this place more uniqueness and fascinating beauty. At tourists’ disposal the Palolem beach offers different boat tours, diving and other active beach entertainments. In general, Palolem Beach is a perfect place for relaxing holidays and unforgettable unity with a wild nature.


Cavelossim Beach

Cavelossim Beach is located between the Indian Ocean and the River Sal mouth, and is famous for its best in the South Goa hotels and opportunity to watch dolphins in their natural habitat. The broad beach line is covered with soft clean white sand having here and there laval stones touch. On the beach you can find different small restaurants and cafes with scrumptious sea food courses and mouthwatering dishes from the local cuisine. Cavelossim Beach offers its guests to try a wide variety of beach entertainments like boat trips, dolphin and bird watching, diving and etc.


Mobor Beach

Mobor Beach is located on the narrow dune strip between the Arabian Sea and the River Assolna. This 10 km length beach is one of the most crowded and popular beaches in South Goa, but, however, it is still attractive with its exotic nature and clean white sand. Tourists can find all sorts of accommodation units and entertainments here: hotels and villas, bungalows and guest houses, water sport activities and surfing, parasailing and high-board diving. Everyone will find what to do here for any need and budget.


Majorda Beach

Majorda Beach is considered to be one of the best and the biggest beaches in South Goa in particular and in India in general. In fact, Majorda Beach occupies the area of 30 km and consists of several beaches that length from Velso city and Mobor city. This beach is a much picturesque place surrounded by high and beautiful palm groves and fruit trees. Amazing small bays and lagoons, exotic villages and very clean sandy beach, tender and warm sea waters and variety of bars, cafes and restaurants with delicious local and seafood cuisines located alongside the coastline make Majorda Beach one of the most convenient resorts in Goa.


Betalbatim Beach

Betalbatim Beach is one of the best beaches in South Goa located between other two famous beaches – Colva and Majorda. This beautiful beach with golden-white soft sand and exotic palm trees is only 1.5 km length but it’s still very popular and beloved by tourists from all over the world. The tender Arabian Sea waters and breathtakingly beautiful sunsets will bring you much joy, unforgettable memories and pleasure. The beach also provides its guests with different sea-boat trips during which tourists can watch birds and dolphins in their natural habitat. You can enjoy delicious dishes from Goan, Indian and Continental cuisines in one of the cozy restaurants located alongside the seashore.



Varca Beach is located close to Benaulim beach resort and yet is not much popular among tourists. The long white-sandy beach line attracts with its calmness and picturesque nature. This small piece of heaven is surrounded by palm and bushy groves and is beloved by wild dolphins which like coming here for playing close to the seashore. The beach has several restaurants with scrumptious seafood courses at reasonable prices and high level of service.


Agonda Beach is a 3 km long sandy beach line which is rightfully considered to be one of the coziest beaches in South Goa. The clean sandy beach is surrounded by palm trees that hide in their shade cozy small bungalows and nice restaurants with tasty local dishes. There aren’t many bars and other entertainment facilities here but you will definitely like enjoying the calming down hush of warm sea waters and palm leaves. Agonda Beach will be a perfect destination for family and romantic holidays.


Arossim Beach is located 12 km away from Margoa and 16 km away from Dabolim Airport, and is extremely beautiful quite and convenient beach in whole South Goa. You can enjoy the snow-white sand and picturesque exotic palm groves, tender sea waves and colorful fishermen boats. For those who like to spend their vocations actively, Arossim beach offers to try different water and beach sport activities. Numerous hotels and guest houses, villas and bungalows will allow everyone to choose something suit his own taste and budget.


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